November 28, 2015
Mengambil Konten Website Menggunakan PHP, Javascript, jQuery, dan AJAX

Mengambil Konten Website Menggunakan PHP, Javascript, jQuery, dan AJAX

Baru-baru ini saya membuka toko onlnie saya. Cuman permasalahannya supplier saya punya website toko online senidri dan saya harus mengambil satu per satu produknya. Supplier saya punya lebih dari 1000 produk lebih yang ready stock. Saya malas donk kalau harus input satu-satu. Sudah baca moto blog saya toh? "Jadilah Pemalas Cerdas". "Kemalasan" saya muncul. Gimana kalau saya grab saja semua konten websitenya dengan ilmu programming saya. Dan tara, akhirnya jadilah Toko Online saya. Dalam waktu 2 hari saja. Semua produk sudah ada di toko online saya dan siap dijual. Baca Selengkapnya...
November 23, 2015

Jasa Pembuatan Toko Online

[supsystic-price-table id=8] Apakah anda menginginkan fitur custom yang unik dan hanya toko online anda saja yang punya? Silakan hubungi saya untuk informasi lebih lanjut. Baca Selengkapnya...
November 13, 2015

My Hair Care – New CMS

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1286"]My Hair Care - New CMS My Hair Care - New CMS[/caption] There are a couple task about this project. From add new feature until migrating to new system. I help to add new feature and also migrate from old database structure to new database. Created an web app to sync and copy automatically to new database. Website:
October 29, 2015

SearchMonkey, TextCrawler Alternative for Ubuntu

Still about migrate to Ubuntu. I have another software that help me a lot find script that really hard to find. it is TextCrawler available only in Windows. Basically this software fill find a text in many text file in a folder. For example you have to find some strange php script that causing bug, but you don't know or forget where you save that script in a file. Here TextCrawler come. You just fill the location folder that you might save the file. Type your text that you want to search. And several result will show related files that have that text. Similar software just like TextCrawler is SearchMonkey.
October 29, 2015

Notepad++ & NppFTP Alternative For Ubuntu

There are several hard part migrating from Windows to Ubuntu. For example: How to install a software? How to remove it? etc, but this problem have many solution. Just search it and you will get so many tutorial about it. I think the hardest part is finding the best software that suite for us. As I am a web developer who need frequently connect with FTP. Notepad++ has very amazing feature like session. You don't need to save your session just close your notepad++ without save it. Reopen your notepad++ and all your work still remain there. Another feature that I love is NppFTP. You just need connect to your server and download it. Every save you made, notepad++ will automatically upload it. Sessioning and NppFTP is the most powerful and miss so much about it which I haven't found it yet in ubuntu. To work with FTP in ubuntu and the simplest solution for me that I found on internet is:
  1. Connect FTP/SFTP using your explorer. In my case is using Nautilus. So you could edit and save directly on it. The cons about this solution is, your text editor you use usually freeze for awhile if your size file have big enough. I tried using Sublime and got freeze every time that I save. During "freeze" moment you could switch or work to another file that you opened.
  2. Using your text editor plugin if any.
The most close text editor until now is jEdit. You won't happy with their UI and must do several tweek to make it like Notepad++. After you install it. Add FTP plugin. After that, you have FTP explorer like notepad++. jEdit doesn't have session feature. So, every you close your program and open it again. Your work will gone. All tab you have will gone. You must open your related file one by one again. However it help me a lot rather than using FileZilla or other FTP client that always click "yes" every update that I make.
October 24, 2015

Box2D – Reset Body and Fixture

Some of you may re-create the body and just re-attach in world object. Did you know in JAVA if you re-create an object over and over this is bad for you performance if garbage collector run anytime. It would make your game lag for a few time which is bad for user experience. Here some simple script to reset your body definition: [crayon-5f6f98c9746ae029175684/] Hare to reset FIxture definition [crayon-5f6f98c9746b3696020786/] Basically you just need to recreate filter object and reattach it.  We don't have another option to reset fixture by not recreate new Filter object, but I think this is the only way. To get fixture, it is better if you save the fixture when you create set FixtureDef in your first place, and store it to a variable.
October 24, 2015

Run Local *.swf With Browser In Ubuntu

Some of you maybe has same problem with me which is playing local file *.swf with your favourite browser in Ubuntu. By default if you just drag and drop file in your browser they will download the file and playing it. This is because you don't set proper MIME type. Here how you reset it. Edit /usr/share/mime/packages/ and change
<mime-type type="application/">
<mime-type type="application/x-shockwave-flash">
and then run this in your terminal and try again
update-mime-database /usr/share/mime
October 15, 2015

RushTax UI Implementation

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1286"]Rush Tax Rush Tax[/caption] My client want new UI implementation. This project largely done by AngularJS. I fix bug and implement new UI.
September 12, 2015

Godot Engine – File Size Experiment

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="654"]Godot - Game Engine Godot - Game Engine[/caption] I want to share my experiment using Godot Engine. It is about file size when export. Without doubt that file size is very essential and important when making a game. Did you ever feel that you download >50MB game that disappointed graphic and gameplay? I did. That's why I try to export and experiment with Godot Engine. Here is detail: Godot Engine: godot_win64-1.1stable.exe Sprite: ~588kb Windows(32-bit): ~11,915kb Windows(64-bit): ~22,610kb Android(Arm Only): ~7,870kb I think the size very fair enough with very AMAZING editor. I have run on android and it looks cool and stable for simple testing.