Game Dev

October 24, 2015

Box2D – Reset Body and Fixture

Some of you may re-create the body and just re-attach in world object. Did you know in JAVA if you re-create an object over and over this is bad for you performance if garbage collector run anytime. It would make your game lag for a few time which is bad for user experience. Here some simple script to reset your body definition: [crayon-60072792efab9566156820/] Hare to reset FIxture definition [crayon-60072792efac5095713334/] Basically you just need to recreate filter object and reattach it.  We don't have another option to reset fixture by not recreate new Filter object, but I think this is the only way. To get fixture, it is better if you save the fixture when you create set FixtureDef in your first place, and store it to a variable.
September 12, 2015

Godot Engine – File Size Experiment

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="654"]Godot - Game Engine Godot - Game Engine[/caption] I want to share my experiment using Godot Engine. It is about file size when export. Without doubt that file size is very essential and important when making a game. Did you ever feel that you download >50MB game that disappointed graphic and gameplay? I did. That's why I try to export and experiment with Godot Engine. Here is detail: Godot Engine: godot_win64-1.1stable.exe Sprite: ~588kb Windows(32-bit): ~11,915kb Windows(64-bit): ~22,610kb Android(Arm Only): ~7,870kb I think the size very fair enough with very AMAZING editor. I have run on android and it looks cool and stable for simple testing.